Academy Of Counsellors


Here are some of the services we offer

Service 1

Domestic Violence Counseling 

Is domestic violence effecting a child our young person in your life? 
Stop the hurt 
Our fully qualified therapists are here to offer counseling to those effected by physical, emotional and sexual abuse. 

Service 2

Anger Management

Is anger taking over your life?
Anger can cost you throughout your home, work and social life.
Has an angry outburst resulted in legal action being taken against you?
Call one of our team to get the help you need and regain control.

Service 3

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can cause a rapid heart beat, sense of dread, feeling faint, sick and shaky.  Are panic attacks a real problem to you?  Our specialists are qualified to help you. 

Service 4

Self Harm

Self harm is a physical response to emotion trauma. We are qualified to help you work through the difficulties you maybe experiencing. 

Service 5

Personal Development

Personal development opens the mind to new ways of thinking, learning from past experiences and enhancing positive future growth.

Service 6

 Alcohol Abuse

Are you preoccupied by thoughts of alcohol? Does your alcohol consumption result in negative episodes? Do you worry if you don't have alcohol in the house? Are family members complaining?  These are clear signs that alcohol has become a problem. Speak to one of our therapists in confidence.

Service 7

Eating Disorders

Are you an emotional eater? Have you struggled with your weight for years?
Here at the Academy we deal with the complete spectrum of eating disorders from bulimia, anorexia, compulsive eating to food phobias.

Service Eight

Loss, Grief and Relationship Issues

Loss and grief present in many different ways. The loss of a loved one, home, work or security. If you are struggling to cope please call the Academy of Counselors on 07952431278